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January 06, 2020

20 Things (for HDM) to do in 2020

Can you believe it is 2020? Sounds like the title of some crazy space aged movie or the test the eye doctor gives you.

As with every New Year, many of us make a list of resolutions. You know: lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more. Last year we created Top Ten Design Faux-Pas Resolutions for 2019.

Naturally, I decided to list of 20 things to do (and later, 20 things NOT to do) for 2020. This more or less serves as a reminder for myself, but I do have some exciting news sprinkled throughout 😉

Things to do in 2020

  1. Continue to improve the lives of future home buyers through great design
  2. Keep blogging – of course – and feature a guest blogger occasionally
  3. *Announcement* HDM will be converting to Revit! This will be a huge benefit for our clients.
  4. Include bedside quad outlets and USB ports on all electrical plans
  5. Focus on attainability
  6. Continue to track parts and pieces (windows, doors, cabinets, closet hanging) in a product line to control costs and please buyers
  7. Delete old emails (Is anyone else as bad as I am with this? – I currently have over 6000 unread emails…)
  8. Write more articles for trade publications
  9. Invent at least one more Daily Lifestyle Solution (easier said than done)
  10. Conduct more frame walks with clients – *hint, hint* – please let us know when your houses are complete!
  11. Visit more completed projects – instead of only focusing on our next deadline
  12. Photograph more of our completed projects so we can get images for blogs and awards
  13. Win more awards for our clients by collaborating with them throughout the process
  14. Always include two forms of refrigeration in all kitchens.
  15. Include step lights in all toilet rooms – especially for 55+
  16. Always show the outline of appliance doors on the floor plan
  17. Learn about and utilize at least one new exterior and interior product from IBS 2020 this month
  18. Always show tile lines and towel bars on all plans in schematic design
  19. Continue learning and innovating
  20. Volunteer our time to help others and to teach others

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