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When You Work With Us, Our Team Becomes Your Team!

With decades of experience, you can be assured that the process will be streamlined, collaborative, and catered to your specific project! We offer an extensive variety of residential design services to home builders of all sizes, in all markets, for all walks of life.

“Working with the Housing Design Matters team has had a huge impact on our business! We appreciate that Deryl Patterson and her team were invested in getting to know us as a company and cared about designing homes that made sense in our markets with the features that buyers are looking for today. The process has been smooth and our teams truly enjoy working with this group of architects. Not only do these floorplans look good on paper but they are a breath of fresh air, allowing our homeowners to call their house a home they are proud of. From the increase in sales to the positive experience for our teams, working with Housing Design Matters was one of the best decisions we’ve made.” – Blackburn Communities

Below, you will find our Schematic (Design), Enhanced, and Construction packages outlined. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a consultation. We’d love to discuss what we can do for you!

Schematic Package

Floor Plan & Front Elevation

Based on client program & target market

Enhanced Package

Schematic Package +

Side & Rear Elevation + Roof Plan

Construction Package

Enhanced Package +

Detailed & High Quality Drawings

Supplemental Services

In addition to providing full architectural services, we also offer supplemental design services that assist in visualizing your project or add value for you and your target home buyer!

Deryl created fresh ideas with very limited space and several requirements. She did this in a very busy market on time and on budget. A pleasure to work with. MasterCraft Builder Group

Design Workshop

Ready to get started? Our Design Workshop process is the most efficient, comprehensive, and dynamic way to hit the ground running with your next project! To find out more, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to go over the process!

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