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December 18, 2023

Where Do You Hang Your Stockings?

This was the question I asked friends and colleagues.

Below the fireplace mantel – duh!


Ah – but not everyone lives in a home with a fireplace. Indeed, many homes in Florida do not have fireplaces.

One placed their stockings under their TV, which makes perfect sense as the TV has replaced the fireplace as the focal point of the room.

Another ran their stockings up the stair rail since their fireplace was a pot belly stove.

Another also runs theirs up the stairs because their fireplace features a more modern slab design without a mantle.

One empty nester couple put their stockings on their wine cage. That says volumes!

Several included a stocking for their pet. Cute!

When we downsized, we did not opt for a fireplace because we so rarely used one in our last house. Instead, we added a firepit outside. That was in the spring. It wasn’t until December that we realized the full consequences of that decision.

While it’s always fun to see creativity, it is also demonstrates a unique opportunity in new home sales for time of the year. Imagine a young family living in an apartment shopping for a new home in November or December. Since most apartments don’t have fireplaces, this is a golden opportunity to capitalize on the nostalgia of the season and sell them on a fireplace. Suddenly, they don’t have to travel to Mom and Dad’s house for Christmas and can host family and friends at their new home!

Yet, most model homes are not decorated for the holidays – much less hang stockings. Without any sense of the season, we might be failing to really capture the magic of our designs. Something as simple as stockings hanging over a fireplace may be just the thing to prevent seller’s remorse the following Christmas when they realize they have no fireplace mantel for this time honored Christmas tradition. I’m not saying you have to break out the lights, warm cookies, and hot chocolate – but wouldn’t that make the buying experience more memorable?

Let me know if you agree. And also – I would love to see where you hang your Christmas stockings. Just reply to this email with your pictures!

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