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April 08, 2024

A Vibrant Housing Market for 2024?

Spring has sprung in Northeast Florida, and I love it. The bright green color of the season’s new leaves, the beautiful colors of the azaleas in full bloom, the warmer and longer days. With spring comes a robust selling season for new homes. For many, it is the bellwether of a good or bad year.

But what makes the spring selling season so robust?

  • Is it the weather?
  • Is it the end of cold and flu season?
  • Is home shopping available because there’s no football to compete with?
  • Are families wanting to change school districts over the summer?
  • Does daylight savings and light later in the day favor home shopping?

Perhaps it’s all of the above. Regardless of the reasons, what are you doing to embrace this enhanced buying season and get ahead of the competition – both from other builders and from existing homes? Spring of 2024 is selling more existing homes going on the market as buyers and sellers seem to have accepted higher interest rates.

Can you harness the invigoration that comes with spring and translate it into new home sales? It might be time to refresh your models.

My list for increased spring sales includes the following:

  • Freshly planted flowers at the model center.
  • Enhanced outdoor décor including colorful pillows & pitchers of lemonade.
  • Water features that replace the ambiance of the winter fireplace.
  • Backyard activities

Of course, many will do their initial home shopping on the internet. Can you capture the enthusiasm of spring digitally?

  • Change your introductory video to feature warm weather activities.
  • Perhaps you can invite shoppers to a Spring Fling at the model center.
  • Offer aggressive Spring into the Season deals

How has the spring selling season gone for you so far? Are you optimistic about the year going forward? I’d love to hear from you on how you and your new home sales team are going to make spring 2024 a home run!

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