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April 29, 2018

Delivery Dilemma Solved!

How often do you shop online? Today, over 100 million people have Amazon Prime accounts. Countless stores are ramping up their e-commerce efforts in order to stay in business. Why? Because we buy everything online! From clothes to household items and even food, virtually whatever your heart desires is but a click away.

There are a few of issues that many of us face, however:

  1. Most of us aren’t home throughout the day – even stay-at-home parents rarely “stay at home”.
  2. The rise of online deliveries has also seen the rise of package theft from “porch pirates”.
  3. Beyond that, many packages shouldn’t be left out in the sun or the rain.

So what is a homeowner supposed to do when their fancy new shoes, laptop, or box of imported chocolates come in? Sure, they can be delivered to the office. But we’re not always there, either. I may have an alternative solution.

Enter the Parcel Delivery Vestibule™. This simple concept is a modern interpretation of the vestibule that you’ll often find up north to create a barrier from the cold temperatures and for guests to get out of the rain. My architect friend from college has a vestibule in her Charlestown townhouse built in 1856 (pictured).

New Uses for an Old Concept

Like those vestibules up north, the Parcel Delivery Vestibule effectively has two front doors. The first door allows access to the vestibule, and the second allows entry into the home. Packages can be left out of sight from the street and out of the elements. Adding HVAC vents to the room prevents the space from getting too hot or cold. Since my front door faces west, my goose would be cooked before I got home if my groceries were delivered to an unconditioned space in my absence on a summer day!

Add technology to this simple concept and you’ve solved your homeowner’s delivery dilemma. If the outer door has an electronic lock and video monitoring doorbell, delivery personnel can simply ring the doorbell to gain access – and yes, there’s an app for that! Upon their exit, the parcels are now secured. Of course, the technology could be optional – simply getting packages out of sight and out of the elements would be a huge step for most home buyers.

Who Will Buy It?

The initial thought may be that this would be perfect for younger buyers who do all their shopping online. How about seniors who cannot (or should not) drive or whose bad hip prevents them from going out to shop? This is a great solution for them to maintain their independence with added security.

In this market, it is crucial for new construction to stand out from the competition – mainly, the resales. What a great way to make a memorable impression on a potential buyer! This also presents an opportunity for remodelers. My current home, which is only two years old, doesn’t have this and I’m already thinking about the benefits… I guess I will be remodeling soon!

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