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January 29, 2024

Our Kitchens Have a Drinking Problem

As dry January comes to an end, it seems appropriate to talk the drinking problem our kitchens have. Seems we love a variety of beverage choices beyond what the traditional kitchen can accommodate. This isn’t a problem reserved for those 21 and older. Family kitchens are overflowing with beverage options!

Let’s review the various beverages and the multitudes of options.

Nonalcoholic beverages

  • Milk Choices
    • Whole milk, two percent, nonfat, chocolate, half & half, whipping cream, buttercream
  • Sodas
    • Cola, diet cola, Mountain Dew, Dr. Peper, Fresca, Fanta and so much more!
  • Water
    • Filtered, bottled, and sparking are the basics before adding flavor or electrolytes or …
  • Sports Drinks and Iced Tea
  • Juices

Adult Beverages

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Vodka

That’s a lot of beverages – so where does all of the food go?

ARENA Creative/

Bottom line: We simply have too many choices for one refrigerator to hold. Most households have a second refrigerator. But rather than the second appliance being located in the kitchen, it is located wherever people can find space and an outlet. In the south, there is often the garage – which we’ve already discussed is too crowded to begin with and can become stifling in the summer.

Jacklyn Vernace/

Up north, it might be in the basement – which is hopefully at least finished. Not exactly convenient, but it does add an element of exercise.

Better Solutions

It’s high time that our kitchen designers accommodate the way we live. Here are some suggestions for that second refrigerator.

  • Add the second refrigerator to the main kitchen.
  • Add the second refrigerator to the messy kitchen.
  • Add the second refrigerator to the pantry.
  • Add an under-counter beverage refrigerator to the Beverage Station.
  • Add a wine column to the main refrigerator and add a second refrigerator.

Some of my readers may bristle and say this is too expensive. But with a little bit of planning, a bargain refrigerator can be added to the walk-in pantry as long as it has an AC vent and an outlet. The advantage of this location is that it doesn’t have to match the other appliances in the kitchen. It can also be smaller or without a freezer.

Even the most organized refrigerators can get overcrowded – and let’s face it, many homeowners aren’t perfectly organized all the time. Having a second refrigerator within easy access allows homeowners to actually use their kitchens to their heart’s content.

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