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February 27, 2018

Daily Lifestyle Solutions

Shouldn’t our houses be designed with today’s busy lifestyle in mind? Seems like that should be obvious. But many house plan forms still resemble homes from decades ago when one parent stayed home while the other parent worked. Even stay-at-home parents don’t “stay at home” all day. This lifestyle shift has huge implications on how families manage their daily tasks including cooking, cleaning, shopping and school work.

Additionally, families today welcome a more casual lifestyle in their homes; no longer needing those formal living and dining rooms. Instead what they would cherish are the everyday spaces designed to make their hectic lives easier.

We need to think differently about programming our homes and go beyond just how many bedrooms and baths we need. We need to emphasize new spaces that are designed to make our lives easier. This is the genesis of Daily Lifestyle Solutions™, a collection of tried-and-true spaces that resonate with buyers because they are designed around the way we live today.

Over the coming weeks, we will describe spaces that have quickly become “must-haves” in home building today. This includes the Welcome Home Valet™, Connected Laundry, Messy Kitchen™, Power Pantry™, Beverage Center, Pet Palace™ , Parcel Delivery Vestibule, and Office Alcove™. We will discuss how to implement these spaces without exceeding square footage and budget constraints as well as various configurations for challenging footprints.

I hope at the conclusion of this series, you will have a deeper understanding of what home buyers are looking for and why they’re looking for it – even if they’re not actively aware of it when they walk through your door!

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