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December 12, 2022

Local Builder Shows Why Housing Matters

Last week, HDM participated in the 10th annual Clays for a Cause. “What started as a friendly clay shooting event for the staff at MasterCraft Builder Group has turned into a huge fundraising event – raising money for area nonprofits.” It was my first year attending and I was stunned at how many people showed up. No, I didn’t shoot (spaghetti arms) but others on our team did. I only attended the barbeque lunch. At the lunch, we learned that in the first year, 2012, the event raised $3200. This year, the event raised $285,000 – bringing the 10 year total to over $1 million for charity. WOW. And since MasterCraft is a homebuilder, many of the charities they support provide housing for the disadvantaged.

The two main charities to benefit from the event are ones that Housing Design Matters also supports with our architectural services, Seamark Ranch and St. Augustine Youth Services.

Seamark Ranch

Seamark Ranch is a faith-based orphanage with a unique approach to caring for children who have been abandoned or abused. Their mission from their website “Seamark Ranch is a nurturing Christian home and family system that give children from families in crisis the tools they need for a brighter future. Through a family home model, a specialized residential school, and the lessons of life on a working farm community, Seamark Ranch provides the ideal setting for love, stabilization, healing, education, and empowerment.” I encourage you to check it out.

Housing Design Matters is proud to have designed “Boys” and “Girls” homes for these children to grow and thrive (seen below). These are homes for 8 boys or girls to be raised by house parents (also known as saints), most of whom have children of their own. Can you imagine a house with 9 or 10 kids! Talk about intense!

St. Augustine Youth Services is a non-profit organization serving children since 1989 who have been neglected or abused in their residential program. Their mission from their website “St. Augustine Youth Services (SAYS) shapes the future of Florida’s at-risk youth by providing coaching, counseling and care in family style therapeutic group homes and outpatient community services.” Their website is if you want to learn more or donate.

I learned yesterday that many of the boys in their care have bounced around 8 foster homes or more before finding SAYS. Housing Design Matters is also proud to be designing “transition” townhomes for boys to transition from foster care to the real-world including learning how to cook, clean, do laundry, and care for themselves.


I also learned of another nonprofit, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home. They provide “housing, counseling, and education for the new faces of homelessness – single mothers, their children and senior women.” Their website is

Another housing related charity who benefited from last week’s clay shoot was Builder’s Care of Northeast Florida – established by the Northeast Florida Builder Association NEFBA. Their mission is to restore hope in the North Florida community “One Nail at a Time” with construction-related projects including wheelchair ramps and roof repairs – to help provide a better habitat for all. Their website is

There were other charities that benefited from the event. If you want to learn more go to

An event like this highlights how important housing is! For those of us who design and build homes, it is humbling to learn how many don’t take a roof over their head and a safe place to live for granted. Housing is a basic human need, and I am so proud of MasterCraft Builder Group and all they do for others in need of housing. Please join me in thanking them and I hope to see even more people at the event next year!

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