Thanksgiving 2017

For all of us in the home building industry, Thanksgiving is a time when housing design truly matters!  As we speak, millions of moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers are preparing for their homes for the big day. The day when their friends and families get together and diets get put on hold. Can you feel the anticipation? Can you smell the turkey yet? 

In addition to menu planning and grocery shopping, families are adding those last-minute touches to their home to welcome their guests. Their houses are a great source of pride and many can’t wait to show them off! 

•    Perhaps it’s a fall wreath on the front door to welcome their guests
•    Maybe they’re decorating with festive fall flowers. 
•    If it’s cool enough, someone is surely gathering wood for a fire in the fireplace – even in Florida! 
•    They may be gathering extra tables and chairs so everyone can dine together on the big day. 
•    Possibly they’re preparing the guest room with fresh sheets and towels. 
•    And let’s not forget this is a great weekend for parades and football!

Personally, I feel a sense of pride knowing that the houses we design anticipate weeks like this. We know that whoever is cooking will be spending a lot of time in their kitchen, so we don’t want them to feel isolated. Of course, we like to ensure there’s enough room in the kitchen for multiple cooks and helpers. Can you open the oven door without banging into the dishwasher door when opened? 48" to 54" of width around the island will ensure a clear path without feeling too spaced out. 

Our floor plans are designed with furniture in mind, so the dining room really does have room to extend the table while allowing people to move around. We focus on the adjacency of bathrooms and bedrooms for convenient access and maximum privacy for the guests. And we know the importance of placing the TV where everyone can see it.  

From everyone at Housing Design Matters, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!