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December 14, 2020

The Pets Who Brought Cheer to Our Year

I know a lot of folks who cannot wait for 2020 to be in their rear-view mirror. But many of our four-legged friends feel quite differently. Dogs that normally spend their days sleeping in an empty house suddenly had a house full of family members to play with or rub their bellies. When gyms were locked down, the dog got to go on extra walks – perhaps too many walks…


Let’s take a moment to thank our pets for putting up with us this year!

Dog Adoptions Soar

As social distancing turned to social isolation, adoption and sales of dogs skyrocketed as folks filled their social voids with furry friend. Indeed, it has been described as a national wide buying frenzy! Makes sense, right? Dogs don’t demand you wear a mask, want to take your temperature or tell you to stand six feet apart. Nope. They just want attention and companionship.

Pet Room

Suddenly, a lot of households are wishing they had a designated space for their precious new pooch. Like a room for the dog’s big bulky and unattractive crate. Perhaps simply a designated place for the dog’s food and water that is out of the way, so they do not keep tripping on them and making a mess! For many, the solution is an oversized laundry room. Sorry, a laundry closet will not do.

Dog Shower

Now that the family has a dog, who is in charge of bathing them? And where? In the backyard with a hose? In the bathtub so it gets clogged up with dog hair? A designated dog shower that was once considered a luxury is now becoming more common place, especially with 55+ communities. Depending on your climate, you can either locate them in the oversized laundry room or simply back them up to a corner in the garage. I personally like the garage solutions because we all know when the dog is about to shake!

One high rise apartment building in Boston has a designated dog room, complete with a dog shower and dog blower dryer! After all, no one wants smelly wet dogs stinking up the halls and elevator.

The Dog is the Disrupter

As the new home sales have surged, could the dog be the disrupter? Perhaps new pet owners have a sudden appreciate for a yard. Let’s face it, walking down three flights of stairs to take the dog out is not fun. Indeed, one local developer here is hoping the dog owners will flock to their detached apartments with private fenced backyards complete with doggy doors and canine turf.

Pets and Seniors

This probably won’t come as a shock to many, but having a pet is good for our health. They are especially important as we age. According to the book, Younger Next Year, having a pet is critical for seniors, especially those who live alone. Not only do the pets give seniors purpose, but just human to animal contact promotes wellness.

Animal Therapy

Turns out, it’s not just seniors that benefit from contact with animals. One of our favorite organizations knows this fact. Seamark Ranch is a home for children who, through no fault of their own, have been left alone in this world. The ranch has discovered than caring for and connecting with animals helps to sooth the wounds of a troubled childhood. Their mission is awesome. Feel free to check them out at

So are we round the corner and set our hopes on 2021 let’s take a moment to recognize our furry friends that helped us through the pandemic. Now I’d like to introduce you to our own pets – surprisingly, none of them have the same name!

By all means, please send me photos of your beloved pets that brought much needed cheer to your year!

Meet the Pets

Deryl’s dog Heidi and grand-dogs King and Joey B (named after Joe Burrow)

Tom’s Dogs Joey, pheobe (collie), and finn the cat

Kevin’s Dogs Oliver and Liesel

Gene’s Dog Lilo

Tobi’s Dog Lola

Tony’s Dogs sophie and buddy

Zahn’s dogs Ziggy and Rolo

Penny’s Dog (and our office mascot) Betty

Justin’s New Puppy Wyley “Captain Fantastic”

And finally, Bill’s new puppy Masie


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