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November 20, 2023

Thanksgiving 2023

Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday. The time when our houses become filled with family and friends and wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen. The warmth from our kitchen and those who strive to share their love through food extends to warm our hearts.

Thanksgiving is also when we put our houses to the ultimate test! They are stretched to their limits. Are your houses up to the challenge? Below is a sample of the many unique traumas that will occur along with solutions. Great ammunition for those in new home sales to convert shoppers into buyers.

Kitchen Traumas

  • One refrigerator isn’t big enough and the giant turkey sits in the cooler in the garage.
  • The space between the island and the countertops is too tight when there’s multiple “cooks” in the kitchen.
  • How is the dishwasher is full again? I just emptied it!

Kitchen solution

  • I have long been an advocate for a second refrigerator in the kitchen – not the garage!

  • We recommend 4’-6” between the island and countertops. It sounds like a lot, but you’ll thank me later.

  • We also show the outline of the dishwasher, range, and refrigerators doors open on our plans.
  • The role of the Messy Kitchen is perfect for staging before and after the big meal – a second sink and dishwasher in the Messy Kitchen is a life saver!

Dining Trauma

  • Can we squeeze everyone around the dining table?
  • Can we add another table? Do the kids have to be relegated to the “small table” in the kitchen?

Dining Solutions

  • Consolidate formal & informal dining rooms to allow large families to gather all in one space.

  • Use the kitchen island as overflow for diners or as a buffet.

TV Trauma

  • Not everyone can watch the parade in the morning and the big game in the afternoon.
  • What about those who don’t want to watch football? Is there a 2nd TV viewing space?
  • Does it have to be so loud? Is there acoustical separation between viewing areas?

TV Solution

  • We like to design two TV viewing spaces – outside and/or on the second floor.

  • Avoid two story spaces. The acoustics are a nightmare.

Sleeping Trauma

  • Where are we going to sleep everyone?
  • Grandpa snores so loud no one can sleep!

Sleeping Solutions

  • Having a flex space with a fold-down bed is great for overflow.

  • Don’t rely on barn doors to keep out the noise from snoring guests.

Bathroom Trauma

  • Why does he/she have to take so long?
  • There’s no more hot water!

Bathroom Solutions

  • Two bathrooms are more functional than one Jack & Jill bath – especially with company.
  • Invest in an on-demand hot water system.

Despite all the trauma of the holiday, it is still always great to see everyone and share good times. Having a thoughtful house that incorporates our Daily Lifestyle Solutions is a great way to reduce some of trauma. I would love to hear how you make the most out of the intense family time!

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