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March 09, 2020

Addressing the Peloton Invasion

We’ve all seen the commercials for the amazing Peloton bike and other interactive exercise equipment. I don’t know about you, but I always chuckle at the absurd location they have the equipment. While it is a substantial investment and has a sleek design, should it really be in the living room? I would argue not. Which begs the question, where should it go? Let’s run through some of the more common areas we find them.

A room with a view? No!

You’ll notice that these commercials film the exercisers in a room with an awesome view. But isn’t the point of this interactive exercise that you focus on the screen? Who’s looking at the view? Not the exerciser. The only people taking in the view – everyone else in the room – now can’t see past the equipment.

The Basement? Yes!

If you live north of the Mason Dixon line, chances are you have a basement. Is this the perfect spot for interactive exercise? Yes – but I recommend finishing the basement so that it doesn’t feel like a dungeon. The workout is torture enough.

The Spare Bedroom? Yes!

If you’re an empty-nester or a millennial before kids, this is a no-brainer. Simply take one of the spare bedrooms and turn it into your Peloton room. One of my empty-nester friends created an entire room dedicated to her Peloton including a giant screen TV and a ceiling fan of course. While you can listen on headphones, it’s nice if you can use the speakers without blasting disturbing everyone else in the house.

The Dining Room? Probably not..

Another friend turned his unused dining room into his home gym. Admittedly, this takes my “Who uses the dining room anymore?” philosophy to a new level. But it opens to the living room. His pocket doors hide the visual clutter, but don’t do much for acoustical separation. Clever idea for an otherwise defunct room though!

The Master Bedroom? NO!

I’m going to give a firm “NO!” to this one. This seems to be the go-to for new parents who have to make room for their little one. Never put exercise equipment in a sleeping room – because chances are someone is sleeping there when the other wants to exercise. (I would be the early riser exerciser and my husband would be the unhappy sleeping beauty.) Next thing you know, it becomes a place to hang clothes and rarely sees use.


The Flex Room! Yes!

Finally, the flex room can be the perfect location for the Peloton or Nordic Track. One house we designed has the flex room connected to the master bath, perfect for an early workout routine and far enough from the bedroom so as not to disturb your partner.

If I were to design my perfect exercise room, it would have a luxury (durable) vinyl wood floor, a big screen TV, ceiling fan, and be acoustically separated from the rest of the house. Even with headphones, sometimes you just have to sing along with the music. I do an awful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “RESPECT”!

Have you figured out the perfect home gym location? Or are you guilty of having exercise equipment in odd places?

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