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June 02, 2023

Which Room Needs a View?

A couple of weeks ago, we did a blog on the various types of view lots. If you missed it, you could find a link to it here.

But what we didn’t address is which rooms should reap the benefits of the view. Of course, this depends on the size of the home – and the width of the home. Obviously the wider the home, the more rooms that can be positioned to capture the view. Ah – but which rooms? And does the answer depend on the type of view.

Main Living Area

Whether you call it a grand room, great room, or family room, the room where people gather should have the best view. Big duh – right? But before we move to the next room, how does the room furnish?

Often there are things in that room that can compete with the view – like the TV and the fireplace. Can you sit on the sofa and see the view, TV, and fireplace without your head being on a swivel? Make sure the room is wide enough to place the fireplace on the side wall and not on the view wall. Putting the TV over the fireplace may help with the need to swivel – but only if it is not placed too high.

Outdoor Living

Next on my list of rooms with a view would be the outdoor living area. Often this room can be placed in front of the main living area, especially if there is ample glass. Consider stacking or folding glass doors to not obstruct the view from the main living area. It also helps the two rooms flow together as one.

Primary or Casual Dining

Whatever you call it, put the room where the most meals will be served. Since the dining room table floats in the middle of the room, it’s great at not blocking the view. And because the table floats in the room, it is also a good place for a sliding glass door.

The Kitchen

Locating a kitchen to capture a view can be tricky. Upper cabinets – which most kitchens have and need – block views. If you can get a sideways glance at the view and still have ample cabinets – win, win! We also have drawn plans where the kitchen captures the view across other rooms – like the casual dining or main living area.

The Owner’s Suite

When designing a model home, we always want the owner’s suite on the view. It is so powerful to see a couple of chairs and the fabulous view beyond. Would be homeowners would picture themselves relaxing in their comfy chairs. Window treatments, if any, would only hug the perimeter and not block any of the view.

The reality is bedroom windows will get window treatments once people move in. Let’s face it, the bedroom needs privacy. Window treatments also block unwanted light for sleeping. If there was nothing but a view outside the bedroom windows, the window treatments could remain open more often.

Also having window treatments that open and close easily and quickly. When we lived on a golf course, we had this window at the end of the room. This meant we have three separate blinds to open and close daily. If I had it to do over, I would have a flat wall of glass with motorized privacy drapes.

The Owner’s Bath

Okay – this is where privacy and view collide. Recently I judged a design competition with fabulous luxury homes with this feature. In all cases, there was nothing but view. But if you have a fenced back yard and you’ve created a fabulous internal view – consider adding a water feature and greenery behind the bath for the ultimate spa like experience.

Double Up

If the house is a two-story house – then the opportunity for rooms with a view just doubled! A great place for a view would be a second-floor loft or game room – especially if it has an adjacent outdoor living component.

What rooms would you want have on a view? Email me your thoughts.

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