Does Your Laundry Room Have Wrinkles?

Have you ever stopped and noticed the how many clothes are advertised as wrinkle-free? Shirts, pants, dresses, and everything in between have wrinkle-free versions. It’s a selling point because it makes our lives easier!

Read the care instructions, however, and in order to remain wrinkle-free, you can’t let the clothes sit long in the dryer. Many suggest you remove them while they are still damp and allow them to air dry. Other garments recommend avoiding the dryer and hanging immediately. So where are you supposed to hang all these damp and wet clothes? Most laundry room have very limited hanging space. This is a problem! 

I once had a client who told me how much he hated laundry day because his wife would hang clothes throughout the house including door frames, bar stools, exercise equipment, the shower curtain rod – you get the picture. Wet clothes scattered throughout a home really puts a damper on the overall ambiance, doesn't it?

Don’t bother adding a fold down ironing board in your laundry rooms – there's no time for that! Instead, incorporate wet hanging; lots of it. Two rows is the minimum and even that won’t be enough for laundry day. You’ll need double and single hanging to accommodate not only pants, but dresses too. To expedite the drying process, add a ceiling or exhaust fan - or both. 

I know – adding wet hanging in laundry rooms isn’t sexy for most model homes. You don't have to look far to find photos of enormous laundry spaces with rolls of wrapping paper hanging above the counter for gift-wrapping. I can assure you, however, that homeowners spend far more time figuring out how to dry their clothes than they do wrapping gifts and families will appreciate the extra thought put into the dreaded routine!

We live in a fast-paced, wrinkle-free world and increasing a home's functionality doesn't go unnoticed with today's home buyer!