Connected Laundry

Laundry is a never-ending task by its very nature, especially for larger families. The time for working parents to do laundry is compressed into nights or weekends. Personally, I’m dog tired at night - and I thought weekends were for rejuvenation! In reality, weekends are for soccer and baseball games, piano and dance lessons, and volleyball – whatever the kids happen to be into at the time.

We can make laundry a more efficient process by eliminating steps - literally! Enter the connected laundry. Too often, I see homes that force owners to walk through the laundry room from the garage. I hope we can all agree that walking through a pile of dirty clothes to enter a home is neither flattering nor convenient. Shouldn't laundry be located closest to the source of the clothes?

If all of the bedrooms are upstairs. Why not the laundry room as well? What if you could have two entrances to your laundry room; a hall access for kids and their clothes and a second access to the master closet? It might sound like finicky, the number of steps eliminated going between the master closet and the laundry room is significant.

connected laundry.JPG

Now consider the mornings when you’re running late and that must-wear outfit is a little wrinkled – because, of course it is. There’s no way you have time to iron it. So instead, you toss it in the dryer on the fluff cycle while you continue to do your hair and makeup. Since it’s connected to your closet, you don’t even have to be dressed to dash to the dryer. Or you’re getting dressed and you realize the unmentionables are hanging in the laundry room from the night before to dry. No need to put on your bathrobe to retrieve this critical undergarment. Just walk in, grab it and continue onto your very chaotic day.

A note of caution; laundry rooms can obviously be noisy, so connecting to the closet helps buffer the sound from your bedroom. Pocket doors are space efficient but they don’t block as much sound. I strongly recommend adding a lock from the closet side to keep curious kids from sneaking through your closet into the bedroom. This is less of an issue with 55+ homes, but the added peace of mind doesn't hurt.

Unfortunately, a connected laundry won’t reduce the amount of clothing a family goes through. It will, however, cut down on travel time to and from the room and make our insane mornings a little easier to handle. We have plenty of inconveniences to face throughout the day. Let’s design homes that minimize the stress and march to the beat of our own drum!