Valentine's Day

It's important to note the role that romance plays in design. Romance shouldn't only be celebrated once a year, but woven into the fabric of our daily lives. A little goes a long way!

The master suite is an obvious romantic space. In the NEXTadventure Home, Lita Dirks and her team of designers went above and beyond with shimmering wall coverings and layers of soft lighting. Add the sparkling reflections from the pool at night and who can't fall in love with that room?

Why go to a crowded restaurant on this special night when your home has the perfect atmosphere to wine and dine for a party of two? Throw on some tunes, fire up the grill and really WOW that special someone!

Okay, if you're not all that skilled in the kitchen, Valentine's Day might not be the night to practice - best do takeout. But at least you have a fantastic setting once the food is prepared! Dine inside or outside with the warmth of the outdoor fireplace. The sound of running water from the pool completes the yin and yang effect. 

Speaking of wining and dining, wine deserves a segment all to itself! Arguably the most romantic beverage, finding clever places to display your wine makes a real statement!

So this is sounding like an ideal scene. But what about households with kids? It can be difficult to have even a couple of hours uninterrupted, let alone an entire night! This is where an upstairs bonus room saves the day. Assuming their homework is finished, order in a pizza for them and let them watch a movie (or the Olympics!) before bed. They can stay occupied in their own space while you continue to enjoy a few hours to yourselves - until they demand your attention. Such is life! 

Regardless of how you choose to spend this special day, let's remember that owning a home should be a celebration of love every day! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.