Outdoor Living: Fall

Of all the trends in housing design, outdoor living has to be among the most cherished and enduring. In other words, it’s not going anywhere, so let’s make these spaces something special! And fall is football season! Why not take watching the game outside and tail gate in your own backyard?

Around this time of the year, the weather gets cooler (Florida took its sweet time with that one). We now need to find ways to stay warm in order to stay outside longer. The covered lanai provided refuge from the heat during the hot summer days, but a little extra warmth is appreciated this time of year. 

Of course, everyone loves the look and ambiance created by the fireplace. Take it outside and extend the time outdoors into the evenings and cooler weather! A cozy fire simply brings people together. It can be wood burning or gas fueled, I prefer gas because startup is easy and you can simply turn it off when you are done. Consider the design of your outdoor fireplace. A ribbon fireplace brings the heat with some modern flare. With their low profile, the TV can be mounted above without being too high up for viewing.

Fall also means shorter days – and if you’re in new home sales, you may find yourself trying to sell your homes in the dark. Whatever back yard view you had is now an invisible black hole. Fire pits are a great way to add interest and a draw attention to the backyard at 5 in the afternoon when it is already going dark. There is something special about building a fire, and a fire pit or bowl out in the open for when the sun goes down. What a great way to entice potential buyers to linger longer in your model! Landscape lighting makes all the difference here. Be sure to highlight any trees or an outdoor sitting area. 

Give your buyers a reason to not only go outside, but stay outside this time of the year! A little advance planning can help you enjoy the outdoors year-round!