Are Your Homes Ready for Some Football?

Football season is about to kick off and these are exciting times in the Patterson household. A time when hope springs eternal and, fingers crossed, the Jaguars might have a winning season. Okay, I won't hold my breath on that one.

I know we aren’t alone in our love of football. Americans love their sports. Have you seen how many sports stations there are? Once upon a time, there was just three networks that carried sports: ABC, NBC and CBS, mostly on the weekends. Then in 1979, ESPN was launched as a 24-hour sports network – crazy at the time! Now in addition to ESPN, we have ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, ESPN Classic and ESPN Deportes... Did I miss any? 

These days, most sports have dedicated channels for every die-hard or casual fan out there. In my household, the NFL network, Red Zone*, and Golf Channel are our top 3. Here’s the thing, watching TV is often an isolated event (don’t you hate when someone is trying to talk during tense moments on your favorite show?). Watching sports on TV, however, brings us together in a social environment. It is because of this culture that TV placement in the home is far more important than many believe.  

Some questions a builder or designer might ask:

  • Where does the TV go and in what rooms?
  • What about outside? On the porch, the garage, visible from the pool?  
  • Can you see the TV from the kitchen? 
  • TV or the fireplace as the focal point? 

And then there’s the game room! You know, the place you go to watch the GAME! Forget the pool table – make it sports bar!  Kay at Kay Green Designs really capitalized on our love of sports by the way she merchandised this bonus room with not one, not two, but THREE TVs. These become the anchor to the sports bar theme that really captures on our obsession.  

Different seasons bring different sports, and the TV keeps the game room current with the sports du jour: football in the fall, basketball and hockey in the winter, the NCAA tournament in the spring followed by baseball and golf into the summer. You want your buyers to envision themselves in the house, seeing for themselves how much more enjoyable watching their favorite sporting event will be and wondering how they ever did without!

What’s your favorite sport and how many TVs would you love to have in your game room?

* Last year the Pattersons watched their fair share of NFL Red Zone, hungry for actual touchdowns...