The Power Pantry™

Consider the way we shop for groceries these days. Today’s working moms and dads largely don’t have the luxury of daily trips to the market for dinner that night (is it actually a luxury to be constantly at the grocery store?). Supermarkets are learning to cater to this lifestyle by offering same-day delivery or pick-up services. Families tend to power shop: buying as much as we can in one trip to minimize the shopping trips. The likes of Amazon and Wal-Mart are adapting to our every-busy schedules, shouldn’t our homes do the same? 

Buyers would never suspect this pantry to be so vast!

At a minimum, families should have a walk-in pantry with 6 shelves to store everyone’s favorite breakfast cereal, specialty soup and snack bars. For many homeowners, an even bigger pantry is appreciated – I call this the Power Pantry. Simply put, a Power Pantry is an oversized pantry that facilitates the way we shop today. 

The Dimensions

If a standard corner pantry is 4’ by 4’, a Power Pantry starts at 5’ by 5’. An even larger Power Pantry (6’ by 7’ and above) can accommodate a second refrigerator if the space is well ventilated, since refrigerators release heat (Trust me, the pantry is a far better location for that second refrigerator than the garage). It is always a good idea to include outlets for various rechargeable gadgets.

Don't be afraid to offer a second refrigerator option in or around your pantries.

My ultimate Power Pantry is large enough for a personal grocery cart with a door and ramp leading directly from the garage. Now unloading the groceries can be done in one streamlined trip. 

The Power Pantry presents an opportunity for customization and high end touches such as cabinet finishes.

The housing market demands more storage all around the home. A Power Pantry goes above and beyond buyers’ expectations, adapting to their lifestyle and not vice versa!