Pulling it all Together

Over the past few weeks, we have gone over what I call the Daily Lifestyle Solutions, spaces designed around the way we live today – not remnants of past lifestyles and floorplans. They are Welcome Home Valet™, Connected Laundry, Messy Kitchen™, Power Pantry™, Beverage Center, Pet Palace™ and Office Alcove™

Some may be wondering:

  • How are you going to fit these extra spaces into your floor plan line-up?

  • Will this dramatically increase the square footage of the home?

  • Does every house need every solution?

Fortunately, it’s less complicated than it may sound. If you’re still building plans with formal rooms, this is valuable square footage that is better served for space that will actually get used. In most cases, the Daily Lifestyle Solutions will take up less room than a formal dining or living room. 

This older home demonstrates how much square footage used to be dedicated to formal spaces that were rarely used.

Thoughtful Placement

A couple of the solutions focus more on placement than adding square footage. For example, moving the laundry room away from the garage entry and adjacent to the master walk-in closet allows the entry to be properly welcome your buyers home. Just like that, you’ve incorporated the Connected Laundry and Welcome Home Valet!

Additionally, some solutions can be combined. Take the Messy Kitchen, which can also serve as an informal Beverage Center with the addition of a sink and/or under-counter refrigerator. My coffee pot lives in my Messy Kitchen along with the coffee grinder, coffee cups and coffee sweeteners. It is also where my cork screw and wine glasses go. 


Let the buyer decide how they want to use the space with a flex zone.

You can also create a “flex zone” in your floorplans where buyers can select the feature that best meets their needs. The attached drawing shows a 5’ by 7’ space that can be any one of the following: Pet Palace, Messy Kitchen, Beverage Center, or Office Alcove. This is a great way to get the buyer involved in the design process without letting them go overboard with customization. 

Not every floor plan needs to include all seven of the spaces. The ones to include depend on the buyer’s profile and price point. The 55+ market should probably include the Pet Palace for their adopted four-legged, furry grandchildren. A house for families really needs the Power Pantry and Connected Laundry. If you really had to narrow down which of the seven solutions that I deem essential, I would choose the Welcome Home Valet, Messy Kitchen and Power Pantry. 

Of the seven solutions, are there any must-haves that buyers demand in your communities? Does it vary by community? Feel free to let me know!