Outdoor Living - Spring Beyond the Dripline!

Gathering around the fire with friends during those long winter nights was fun. But a new season has arrived, now is the time to start refreshing your outdoor living experience for the spring!

Spring is such a vibrant time of the year, so allow nature to lead the way when you plan your space! Create an outdoor sitting area adjacent to plant and flower beds where you can capture the sun. 

My spring outdoor living spot is quite simple. In addition to a covered lanai, I have an outdoor setup to capture the sun and take in the fair weather. This is definitely my go-to spot for happy hour as the days get longer! 

With the formal dining room decreasing in popularity, this is a fantastic opportunity for al fresco dining! Adding focal points such as a pergola, fountain, or any substantial piece of hardscape adds to the ambiance.

Complete the sensory experience with fragrant flowers. In the south, that could be a trellis of jasmine or wisteria. Further north, strategically planted lilac bushes do wonders. Make sure you choose spring bloomers. As the intoxicating smell of jasmine fades, my gardenias start to bloom. 

Life isn’t all roses and daisies in the spring, however. Pollen is downright relentless for a few weeks in the south. Everything outside, from our homes and cars to our outdoor furniture develops a yellow tint throughout the day. That’s life! We often have to hose the chairs down – though this can leave them too wet to sit in. I keep a tub of disinfecting wipes nearby for quick cleanup. Keep up with the pollen as best you can and get back to enjoying your outdoor oasis! 

Think beyond the dripline and get out into the yard to smell the flowers! Be strategic with the location so you get both the beauty of the garden and the warmth of the sun – before the days turn too hot! And most of all – enjoy spring! It only comes around once a year…