From Chaos to Completion

Have you ever thought that what we do is magical? Somehow, we are already in October, marking the end of a quarter and the end of a fiscal year for some builders. The days and weeks that have lead up to September 30th can best be described as “organized chaos”.

New construction isn’t always a walk in the park. There’s a lake house being built in the Carolinas and after the stem wall was complete, the builder shared photos of perfectly smooth, compacted soil where the slab would soon be poured. The next day, the plumber showed up and made a giant mess of things, digging in the hot red clay. To the untrained eye, it looked insane and at that moment I was glad I wasn’t a plumber – talk about a mess! Next, a pile of lumber gets delivered and mysteriously, framers begin to make walls and floor and roofs appear. Then there’s the drywall and all its dust and what looks like circus performers walking around on stilts to mud the seams.

In the midst of all the chaos, a house is taking shape!

And Then There’s the Noise…

My husband and I were the third house occupied in our neighborhood. Now that the community is in the final phases of completion, it has been a frenzy to the finish line. We have lived with new construction and all the crazy noises that come with building a community - starting with the concrete trucks that show up around 6 AM. Who needs an alarm clock? Like clockwork, the framers follow with their nail guns and cranes when they’re flying trusses. Nailing roof sheathing may be the worst sound since the nails come in rapid succession. Although, let’s not forget the high pitch screech of sawing ceramic floor tile. Worse than fingers on a chalk board if you ask me. 

Every morning, I drive by this house that’s about to close. Last Friday I took a picture (below) as I witnessed the chaos of landscaping being installed while guys were on ladders trying to install the soffits two stories up. At this stage, I imagine for many, it’s hard to believe that in a few days’ time it will be a finished product.


When the Dust Settles

The house is just about finished now – a pile of lumber and multiple parts and pieces have come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. The dust has settled, the noise has stopped, the trucks have left, the port-a-potty and dumpster has (finally!) been taken away and the anticipation of what awaits inside is almost too much to take.

Old Still.jpg

We love moments like these. Recently, we received photos of a finished house from Andy Reynolds Homes, and can’t help but smile seeing it all come together!

It is that enchanted moment that makes the noise, the dirt and the chaos all worth it. This intoxicating energy keeps folks like you and me in this industry. Yes, we use magic to create homes for families to grow, love and flourish. 

I’m guessing there has been a lot a magic this past week around the country. Take a deep, cleansing breath and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. It’s a big deal! Here’s to doing all over again, have an amazing fourth quarter!