Modern Tuscan Style

Classic or contemporary? Traditional or modern? Let’s say you love the "no-rules" appeal of the Tuscan home, but you’re looking for something with a bit more bite. The clean lines of an ultra-modern house are striking, but perhaps slightly too far out of your comfort zone. The Modern Tuscan is a natural median: playing right into the "no-rules" playbook of the Tuscan, infused with modern vitality. It can be the best of both worlds, particularly when you consider it is more affordable than the ultra-contemporary styles which call for flat roofs!

We start with the free-forms of the Tuscan style comprising of low gable roofs with shed roof elements tacked on – creating an almost haphazard aesthetic.  Instead of traditional stucco and stone, the stone is replaced with bright colorful siding in saturated tones. I like using a combination of lap with board & batten siding. 

Windows play a vital role in the design. Imagine them as geometric forms, creating interesting patterns across the front of the home. Consider combinations of single hung and fixed glass windows. I prefer to keep the windows relatively free of mullions – perhaps a single vertical or cross pattern – to keep the style fresh. 

Speaking of color, go bold! You can start with a neutral base color like beige, then use a technique called color-blocking to add areas of vibrant contrast like red and blue.   

Is the style for everyone? Not at all, and it certainly depends on the neighborhood - but that's what makes it so charming! If you’re a buyer looking for something fresh, new, and still nostalgic, Modern Tuscan might be to your liking. This is a style that allows you to go bold without going overboard and will retain that timeless allure through the years!