Modern Farmhouse Style

In recent years, the Farmhouse style has been sweeping the nation. The term Modern Farmhouse has started to surge in popularity as designers and homeowners desire something bold. But what makes a Farmhouse “modern” and just how modern is it? The answers to both questions lay in the region in which it is to be built. 

The award-winning Camelia from Sabal Homes effortlessly encapsulates the essence of Farmhouse style.

Let’s start with the essence of the farmhouse. Farmhouses have classically been simple wood clad buildings, often with front porches. Since metal roofs are common in agricultural buildings, it is appropriate to see a farmhouse with a metal roof or metal porch roof. Having spent years in the Midwest, a white two story farmhouse standing proudly and confidently overlooking deep green fields of corn evokes a comfortable lifestyle that is earned – not given. 

I interpret Farmhouse style with a strong emphasis on verticality, standing proud against anything Mother Nature might throw at it. Elements of the style typically include a strong but simple two over two window pattern with an emphasis on verticality. Those lines are then reinforced with board and batten siding along with standing seam metal roofs. Roof pitches tend to be steep, from 8/12 to 10/12. Columns are simple and there is a general lack ornamentation. I love the white on white siding contrasted with a red standing seam roof and black shutters (see below) – nothing timid about that!

Today’s Modern Farmhouse capitalizes on the nostalgic turn-of-the-century farmhouse while catering to buyers who desire a clean and sleek exterior aesthetic. Wow! What a winning combination – the best of Americana charm and modern lines. 

Now, “modern” depends on where you’re building. Some largely traditional areas are happy with just clean lined version of the classic farmhouse. More urban areas experiment with details like suspended awnings and a more contemporary outline. 

Now that is modern! This design from R. Douglas Mansfield is a beautiful rendition of the Modern Farmhouse.

We went bold with the classic barn red on this farmhouse design for Schumacher Homes.

Color plays an important role in the style. Certainly, there is no shortage of farmhouses in white, which has become enormously popular as a fresh alternative to the beige homes that overwhelmed the market for years. Some designers use a modern interpretation of agrarian architecture with barn red siding with white corner boards and trim, though this style welcomes a variety of bold combinations.

For the International Builders Show in 2016, Builder Magazine partnered with TRI Pointe Group's Pardee Homes to create the Responsive Home for millennial home buyers. Their Contemporary Farmhouse is another refreshingly colorful take on the charming style.

TRI Pointe's Responsive Home 2016 represents a fresh urban take on the farmhouse style. Love it!

Farmhouse is a quintessential American style that isn't going anywhere and its modern counterpart only expands its appeal, so go bold! Bring inspiration to your communities by incorporating diversity into your streetscape with a Modern Farmhouse!