Farmhouse Style

If you like elegance coupled with simplicity, then you’ll love the Farmhouse style!  "Farmhouse" is a fairly broad term these days and is easily one of the most in-demand designs, fitting in effortlessly with today's indoor-outdoor lifestyle. The most popular examples today are distant relatives to the Victorian style inspired by rural America. "Farmhouse", "Folk Victorian", and "Picturesque" can all be characterized as the same style: featuring clean lines and verticality. 

Unlike the traditional Victorian, this style is about simple elegance with restrained used of ornamentation – most often found in gables and around porches. The style is also inventive with its use of materials, which is typically all siding. The main body is often clad in lap siding, but you’ll find accent siding in gables of board and batten, reinforcing of the style’s vertical proportions. 

One crucial aspect the style shares with its Victorian cousin is a steeply-pitched roof. The roof pitches coupled with the vertical proportions of the windows and doors help give this style its elegance. Windows are typically double-hung and often single-flanked with panel shutter. The window grid pattern further enforces both the simplicity and the vertical style with a 2 over 2 pattern. 

Now, if you’re ready for fun, let’s add color. Real color! The specific colors depend on the region. 

Down south, the colors are light - even white - and fresh like ice cream sherbet. Try soft blue main body siding with soft cream color in the gables and white trim. For accent colors, you could go bold with darker blue or a wine color. Don’t forget the “haint” blue on the porch ceiling. 



Further north, colors tend to be more saturated - but just as playful. Try a darker blue with a gold tone in the gables. You can use a slightly darker trim color and darker accents. A bolder, more masculine combination could be barn red siding with tan board and batten. For the more timid, consider a pink-beige with light cream in the gables, white trim and Dutch blue accents. 

The Farmhouse is a modern take on an old classic that effortlessly reflects many of today’s buyers, regardless of geographical location!