English Country Style

The English Country style is filled with character, nostalgia and charm. It embraces a bit of random informality - a result of additions and alterations over time – all to make for a truly extraordinary design. 

Warm and inviting, the English Country is a sharp contrast to the cold, gray climate that it originates from. The exteriors are predominantly masonry for protection against the harsh winds from the North Sea. This includes brick and stone often mixed playfully together. Other materials include cedar shake shingles in the gables and on dormers. The Tudor variations of the style include the signature heavy timber accents surrounded by stucco. 

Characteristic features include steeply pitched roof with gables “clipped” to create “Jerkin-heads” or clipped hips. Roofs are often punctuated with dormer windows – sometimes eyebrow dormers. Windows are typically tall with small panes, sometime diamond in shape.  You may also find a dominant chimney elaborately clad in brick, often in a playful and eccentric pattern. This is a very popular house in Texas where skilled brick masons use a variety of brick patterns including herringbone and basket weave. 

As you consider combinations of brick and stone, keep in mind that one material should be dominant & the other more subdued. This will create a complementary blend. Avoid choosing a busy pattern in both the brick and the stone. I prefer stone with a larger profile paired with the brick. A slate or slate-like roof tile is a beautiful & effective way to top off the house. Of course to be truly authentic, you would use a two foot deep thatched roof – but let’s not get carried away. 

This old-world style is far from stuffy. The English Country is bold, sophisticated and exudes a warmth that is a true embodiment of what a home should be!