“Active Adults”, “Empty-nesters”, the “55+ Buyer”.. All names for a very special buyer profile. They are at a time in their lives when their focus shifts from caring for their children to focusing on themselves, their accomplishments, their interests and hobbies. A strange and wonderful transformation begins to occur within their house and their attitude towards it. Rooms that used to be chore rooms transform into hobby rooms.


The kitchen used to be that very hectic, stress filled room where daily meals were prepared within narrow time frames as families prepared for work or school. Or in the evening when everyone was tired and hungry and sometimes grouchy.

With the kids out of the house experiencing the real world, there is less stress and fewer time constraints. Perhaps one or both of the buyers is retired or semi-retired. Suddenly, they find time to enjoy cooking! Now they can to experiment with different entrees or cooking techniques. Cooking becomes an artistic process and the kitchen is the center of entertainment whether you are cooking for one, two, or seven!

Laundry Room

This room used to be dominated by never ending piles of laundry. But now with just two people living in the home, it can now double as a craft room or a place to bathe the dog. If you have a front loaded washer and dryer, installing a counter top over the appliances to creates a functional work space.


Spare bedroom

How many bedrooms does the 55+ buyer really need? Most find they want one bedroom for guests and another bedroom for anything but guests. It’s not so much a bedroom as it is a “whatever I want it to be room.” This spare bedroom can be their home office, their craft room, their exercise room or their naked room (If you’ve seen the movie “Failure to Launch”. This is what Terry Bradshaw used his son’s bedroom for.... Your home, we won’t judge!).

Downsizing can be a daunting adjustment for many 55+ buyers. Understanding how frequently they use certain rooms will aide in eliminating redundancies or find dual purposes for them. The most exciting part is watching a homebuyer design their homes around their interests, hobbies, and learn to have fun during this time in their lives.